Kamilo Bustamante



Kamilo grew up in Sacramento California. Living there for over a decade, he grew to love the outdoors in the absence of television and video games. For him this meant interacting with nature and included everything from backpacking and fly fishing in the high country of Yosemite to snowboarding the Lake Tahoe Basin and skateboarding in urban Sacramento. His calling to explore led him to take his first trip to Europe at age 16 and inspired him to continue on to Scandinavia and India. Kamilo’s love for travel, culture and outdoor lifestyle inspired him to begin capturing images in High School. 

Today he is pursuing his photography career New york, completing his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts at the academy of art. Whether photographing nature, people living consciously, or travel abroad, Kamilo captures images that are artistic, inviting, and authentic to the moment. He is known for his outgoing attitude and ability to create a professional and inspired work environment.