Ventura Timelapse A Behind the Scenes Look

I am currently working on a time-lapse project for Ventura showing downtown life in compressed time for visual appeal. There is a ton of time-lapse technology today that is really great and as easy to access as opening the camera or hyper-lapse feature in your iPhone. Although features like this make time-lapsing really easy and are perfect for Instagram videos, they are often missing the stability, exposure, and the resolution of a professional set up. Essentially a time-lapse is a compilation of frames seen in video format showing a scene in compressed time. This is achieved by shooting images at a slower rate than 24 frames per second (standard video) and at something more like 5 seconds apart. When the images are played back at 24 frames per second (real time) they speed events in the image. There are many factors that going into creating a successful time-lapse but the most important one is camera stability. The less your camera moves, the smoother your time-lapse clip will be. If there is camera movement I highly recommend using the Emotimo TB3 slider to synchronize the movement of the camera between shots, avoiding jumpiness. (Above) is a photo of me using the Emotimo TB3 in an advanced camera move for the Ventura Time-lapse Project.